Why do many people love Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball in the original cartoon version is enjoyed by both children and adults. It has been watched by millions of viewers all over the world. Dragon Ball is one of those cartoons that have made Japanese culture popular. In the rest of this article, you will learn more about Dragon Ball.

Introduction to the history of Dragon Ball

In Dragon Ball, there are 12 universes all designated by numbers. There are several gods and goddesses that rule each of these universes. These are cruel or benevolent as the case may be. Go here to learn more game-voyage.com. The Dragon Ball cartoon takes place entirely in universe 7. Goku is the main character. Experiencing many difficulties, he starts searching for dragon balls. When he gathers them, he finds the adventure interesting. He is joined by his friends Roshi, Bulma and others. Dragon Ball has interesting, funny but also scary and weird characters. The highlights of Dragon Ball are characterized by the battle, action and adventure sequences. This is what makes Dragon Ball so compelling. Hilarious moments of laughter are not to be overlooked either. Dragon Ball was built on an interesting concept and set in an original environment. Nothing was done to the point of being off the wall.

Dragon Ball has been a real success around the world

Dragon Ball was first introduced to viewers in an animated version. Later, they were treated to Dragon Ball in the form of movies, video games and other derivatives. Dragon Ball is loved by the audience because it is a very informative and interesting cartoon. There are sequels of Dragon Ball which are Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. In the market, billions of clothes, bags and notebooks with the representation of Dragon Ball have been sold all over the world. Dragon Ball was a real success. A little later, Dragon Ball was presented in Manga form. This attracted the attention of the audience even more.