What is veganism?

Veganism can be translated as total veganism, which is a lifestyle that rejects animal exploitation.         What then are the diets of a vegan? What other things are prohibited for a vegan? Follow us in this section to learn more about veganism.

The Vegan Diet

Vegans refuse to eat any food that comes from the exploitation of animals. Similarly, animal products are banned. No meat, fish, shellfish or insects are allowed. Nor are foods from animal species such as milk, honey or various jellies. On the other hand, they may consume plants and any other natural product. However, with regard to plants, vegans must ensure that none of the plants they consume are animal-based. In other words, no animal-based inputs or fertilizers are allowed on the land that a vegan grows. In almost all vegan dishes, foods such as tofu or meat substitutes are used, but they are food-based on variety.

Other Prohibitions of Veganism

The main prohibition remains the ingestion of animal-based foods, but these foods enter daily life in a different way. To remain true to their lifestyle, they must ensure that there are no animals in certain areas such as health, cosmetics and entertainment. Vegans do not wear clothes made from animals.  Their shoes are not made of animal leather either. Animal components that are often used in clothing are scales, pearls, feathers, horns, skin, fur, etc. In the field of cosmetics, the products that vegans use must not contain any animal extracts or even involve an animal in the production. Clearly, animal food is forbidden for any vegan, even their pets do not consume animal food. Also, note that consuming original food is not really allowed to promote good health. This is why scientists never advise anyone to consume them in excess. So you must protect yourselves about that sickness.