Visiting Las Vegas: what to do outside the casinos ?

Las Vegas, or Sin City for friends… The city of vice, gambling, luxury and all the excesses!  Yes, of course, but not only!  This city located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, in the state of Nevada, is not just a place where casinos, luxury hotels and shopping are the only distractions.  Little-known, more confidential places in and outside the city are also worth a visit! Discover here activities for young and old that will make you discover another facet of this incredible city !

The Mob Museum : the Mafia Museum

Initially a simple farming town, Las Vegas very quickly became an important city in the American West where gambling, prostitution and the Mafia acquired a prominent place in the city's economy.  This same city can be discovered in an extraordinary way to the top of the Stratosphere Tower. With its history and sulphurous past, it is therefore not surprising to find the Mafia Museum in Las Vegas today ! 

Open since February 2012, this museum located in the south of the city tells through the history of the city how the Mafia gradually settled in the country.  It also recounts how the authorities have struggled over the years to stem this scourge.  The entrance ticket costs $30 and will allow you to visit the museum and its three levels at your leisure.  You will discover during your visit the underside and the functioning of the Mafia. Its influence throughout the country, its networks around the world, the big names in its history and their most famous crimes.

Freemont Street Experience

Still located in Downtown Vegas, the Freemont Street Experience is a pedestrian street entirely covered along its entire length by huge luminous giant screens.  On both sides, the very first casinos and hotels of the city as well as many shops.  In the evening, sound and light shows are broadcast on giant screens until 1am. 

For thrill seekers, a zip line, named Slotzilla, even allows you to fly over the Freemont Street Experience.  Two courses to choose from.  The Zipline, version seated at a height of 23 meters, which stops in the middle of the pedestrian street.  The Zoomline, version lying on your stomach at a height of 34 meters, which crosses the entire Freemont Street Experience.