The usefulness of UX and UI in web design

Web design is a field that has its own terms. The user interface and the user experience are very important elements in web design. Although sometimes taken as common terms, each term represents a different reality.

UX or user experience

User experience is an umbrella term that goes beyond the technical aspect of web design, for more information check Web design blog. In reality, it refers to anything that has to do with the feelings, feedback and comfort of the user of a product as a whole. In other words, it is about the user's perception of a product or service. Most of the time, this study makes the product better.

UX in web design is anything that refers to the actions that are the result of surfing a surfer. It is linked to the fluidity of a site and seeks to define the aspects that facilitate the handling of a website by the user. It also seeks to reassure itself of a user's satisfaction after visiting a website. This helps to establish the necessary guidelines for improving the service offered by the website.

UI or user interface

It in turn refers to the points that govern the use of a website or application by an average user. This is the visual part of the website. Its role is to define the different points where a user can go. The UI therefore integrates the general presentation of the site, the points, the interactions, the interactivity and even the sensations provided.

The user interface is therefore all that is visible in a site or app. Its purpose is to create an interaction between hardware and humans, most often through an output device (a screen). It is now responsible for making use very intuitive and is called upon to make applications more attractive.