The health benefits of honey

We have known about the virtues of honey since the dawn of time, it helps us in the kitchen and also in memory. However, what are its other health and cosmetic benefits? Follow our section to find out more about the different virtues of honey.

The Nutritional Virtues of Honey

Honey is an alternative to white sugar, and is all the more natural because it does not come from industries like sugar. It allows you to avoid the harmful effects of white sugar on your body. This is why it is advisable to take a spoonful of honey instead of sugar. Honey is also the main ingredient in many herbal teas and home remedies. Milk also contains a small amount of fructose and its high content of trace elements mean that it is not quickly absorbed by the body and therefore provides us with more energy. In addition to these benefits, honey contains vitamins that the body needs. These include: vitamin C, vitamin B3 and B5, which is 5 more than sugar, as it offers none to the human body.

Honey as a Cosmetic Ingredient

Honey is used mainly in masks of some kind or simply as an ointment to reduce pimples on the skin and to rehydrate it. Moreover, honey remains a first-rate healing agent, acting twice as fast as other conventional medical products. It is said that all honeys are good food, but particularly thyme honey, which contains thymol, which has antiseptic and vermifuge properties. In addition to this, honey is also used in the field of capilliculture. Indeed, honey is used to make lotions or products for hair. Eucalyptus honey is known to combat pain in the human body. It is very important for you to note that honey can be used as a source of income. In some areas, people only trade honey to support themselves. Other regions are not yet at this level.