The characteristics of a good cigar

Everyone has their own way of clearing their minds and disconnecting from the world.  If some prefer sports, parties or outings, others simply turn to a good cigar.  So, what are the characteristics that every smoker is looking for in his little roll of tobacco leaves?  That is the question that is the subject of this article.

An easy draw of the smoke

What every smoker dreads most is having access to a cigar that is difficult to draw.  It's an experience that can easily annoy anyone.  This ''failure'' is usually the result of moisture from the tobacco leaves inside your cigar.  Tips are offered on this webpage to help you solve the problem.  The simplest solution to this problem, however, is to let your cigar dry for a period of time ranging from a few days.  Getting back to our topic, a good cigar should therefore not have too slow a draw.

An even glow

A good cigar is one that burns evenly and finely with a very characteristic glow.  One side should not burn faster than the other, the wrapper as well as the contents.  The devil is in the details, they say.  Every smoker appreciates the sophisticated glow of a good cigar.  A bad incandescence is not only due to the quality of the cigar, the smoker can be the cause.  A poor draw can cause this phenomenon indeed.

A quality tobacco

It's hard to talk about the characteristics of a Good cigar without talking about the leaves that make it up.  A good cigar is a cigar of good tobacco.  Thus, the provenance, plantation or even the Zone of culture of the tobacco can act on its taste.  Without forgetting the treatment and fermentation that can also be factors of quality.  In fact, each cigar has a history, a traceability and a taste of its own.