Some tips for safer online dating

The use of dating applications such as Tinder, Lovoo, Bumble and others is not uncommon today. Online dating is therefore a new vogue when it comes to love. However, how to protect yourself from scammers and other dangers? After all, the search for partners on the Internet also has some dark sides. The following 4 tips for safer online dating will help you reduce the risk of scams.

Choose a serious dating site

Online dating safety starts with choosing the right platform. In the case of free online applications or portals, there is often not enough money to protect users sufficiently. Therefore, it is wise to put some money aside and trust dating sites that perform a thorough verification of people and are checked by the TÜV, such as Tinder, Lovoo, Bumble. To learn more about dating sites, try this website.

Don't reveal too much personal information

Of course, you want to appear interesting when dating online, but be careful not to reveal too much personal information. Be especially careful when posting your full name, where you live and work, as well as your cell phone number and work or home email address. It's even safer to choose a pseudonym when dating online. Don't give away too many details about your profile, either. You can safely say that you like sushi, but avoid mentioning the restaurant where you go to eat every week.

Don't open attachments or transfer money

Does your online partner want to send you private photos or another file? Definitely don't open it! It could be a virus or a hacking link. Dating platforms are particularly notorious for cyberattacks. Make sure you have an up-to-date antivirus program on your smartphone or computer. Transferring money is also a no-no. Remember that you don't personally know the person you are chatting with online, and therefore you should not trust them, even if they seem trustworthy.