Some natural tips for white teeth?

There are several reasons why toothpaste does not necessarily make your teeth all white. However, there are some so-called "grandmotherly" tips for making teeth all white. What are these home tips? Follow our list of 4 tips for white teeth.

Sea Salt

This type is rich in iodine and is a good way to combat dental batteries. It has no side effects if it is not an industrial product. To make your teeth white, mix a little sea salt with warm water. Dip your toothbrush in the mixture and then proceed with the washing.

Green Clay

You may have already heard this natural element used in cosmetics to treat skin problems. However, green clay is also useful in your mouth by making your teeth white. To do this, take the clay and mix it with pure water to obtain a paste-like solution, then use the result as a toothpaste.  It is still a product available in any pharmacy or supermarket.


The good old method is still effective after centuries of use and regardless of the age of the people who use it. Indeed, lemon remains one of the most used tricks due to the almost permanent presence of lemon in our homes. Squeeze a few drops into a glass and dip your brush in it to make your teeth white. However, it is important not to overdo it, as the acidity of the lemon can strip the enamel.

Vegetable Charcoal

This black tip is still useful for whitening teeth and fighting plaque. To make your teeth white, you will simply have to reduce the charcoal to a powder. Use this powder and mix it with your toothpaste and proceed to clean. You won't get the result on the first day, but stick with it and after a week your teeth will show a marked improvement. You can also save yourself a few stains, as there are toothpastes with a charcoal base.