How to install a bathroom shower ?

The shower is one of the essential equipments of the bathroom. It allows for comfort by facilitating the drainage of wastewater. This is one of the reasons why it should be installed in the bathroom. The installation is done according to the type of shower chosen.

Classic shower installation

The installation of the classic shower can be done with a raised tray or a tray placed on the floor. To do so with a floor-standing tray, the bathroom must have a vertical outlet. This type of installation involves digging a trench in the floor. Then the pipe used to evacuate the wastewater must be placed. 
On the other hand, the installation of the shower with a raised tray is suitable for a bathroom with a horizontal outlet. It is easier and can be done by beginners. It consists of simply putting the shower tray on a base. This arrangement will allow the wastewater to drain through the tray to the bathroom floor. You can check this out to learn more.

Italian shower installation 

This type of bathroom shower installation can be done without a tray, with a tiled tray or with an extra flat shower tray. The installation of a walk-in shower with a tray is done by creating a diamond-shaped slope on the floor. This will allow the evacuation of wastewater. 
In addition, the installation of a walk-in shower with a tile tray is similar to the installation without a tray. For this installation, the shower tray must be lined in the same way as the bathroom. The drain pipe must then be placed under the bathroom floor. 
The installation of shower with the extra flat shower tray is less expensive. It is recommended for the renewal of the bathroom. Its installation is easier. Only the installation of the waterproofing can be difficult in this type of installation. For the room with a vertical outlet, it is necessary to dig a trench that will allow the wastewater to drain.