How to clean a toilet bowl effectively in 3 steps

Cleaning the toilet bowl is not at all easy and often puts many people off, but you just need the right methods to get the job done. What are the tips for a good toilet bowl wash? Follow our top 3 in this section.

Use Baking Soda

Active in the kitchen, baking soda also has its place in your toilet. It helps to whiten what was already blackened and the toilet bowls. For your toilet bowls, take a few pinches of the baking soda, scatter it over the dark areas. Then leave for a few minutes, take some water, your brush and scrub to see the result in a while. If the dirt persists, don't hesitate to repeat the operation from time to time. There are several variations of this tip, including white vinegar.

Think of Washing-Up Liquid

Washing-up liquid has useful properties in the toilet, especially in the toilet bowl. First, heat up some water, and once it's boiling, take it to the toilet. Then pour in your washing up liquid, taking care to spread it around so that it reaches all areas. Then pour the boiling water into the bottom of the bowl and leave for a while and flush. Repeat the same operation until you are satisfied with the result. So has this product available in case of need, which you can find in various shops and hygiene shops.

Oysters Help

Oysters offer us an exquisite taste in restaurants, but also in our kitchens. But their benefits don't stop there, they are still useful in your toilet too. Here's the trick: take the empty shell of the oyster and put it inside the toilet and that's it. It doesn't take much work, but it's still an effective solution. This is because the lime scale that causes scaling and blackening or yellowing of your toilet will settle there. So every time you flush, your toilet will remain white. From now on, remember to keep the oyster shells that are used for this purpose, while taking care to wash them well for sanitary reasons.