Everything you need to know about Visitax, the new tourist tax

Due to its notoriety in tourism, Mexico is one of the best and most popular tourist destinations in the world and attracts tourists from all over the world. Indeed, if there is one attractive place to visit in Mexico, it is Quintana Roo. The latter remains one of the most amazing tourist destinations in Mexico and is home to many incredible things. But a new tax is imposed on visitors to this city : it’s Visitax.

What should I know about Visitax ?

Visitax is a new tax imposed on anyone wishing to make a tourist stay in Mexico. Visit the site to learn more about Visitax. It should be noted that the latter was approved last year by Congress, on people visiting Mexico or the Caribbean for tourism purposes. Once this payment is made, the Mexican state will issue you with a valid residence permit that covers the duration of your stay. There is a lot of information on the Visitax website where you can find a full breakdown of who has to pay.

Tax information

You should know that all international tourists over 4 years old will have to pay a tourist tax before leaving their country. Couriers are excepted, visitors under 4 years old. The latter are not affected by the payment of the tourist tax. In addition, visitors traveling for non-tourism reasons – such as business, education and health – will also not have to pay tourist tax.

Visitax payment : when should it be ?

According to information provided by the authorities, tourists can and should make payment before the start of their trip. Alternatively, you can pay the tax at the end of the trip. You can also make the payment on the Visitax website, where you will find all the relevant payment information. He will show you exactly where to make the payment for your tourism in Quintana Roo. However, it is important to remember that you can pay the tourist tax before or when you land in Quintana Roo.