Casino game plinko: get organized, know how to play and win at this game

In the world of crypto-casinos, Plinko is one of the most popular arcade games. With different RTPs, it is offered by two providers, Spribe and BGaming. The game is quite simple. A ball glides along the skittle. Your win depends on which square the ball lands on. Find out all you need to know about plinko in this article.

How to play the Plinko slot machine

Plinko gameplay

To play the Plinko casino game, simply bounce the ball and wait for it to land on a specific amount. Although the game is simple, it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules and style of play beforehand. To the right of the screen, you'll notice a pyramid-shaped board. Above and below the board, the various controls essential to flawless play are clearly visible.

Choice of ball colors 

In Spribe's Plinko, you can choose from different-colored balls that correspond to different degrees of risk. Indeed, yellow, red and green balls should only land in the corresponding instances. While red offers the highest multiplication values, but also the greatest potential for loss, green offers lower payouts, but makes winning simpler.

A few tips on how to master and win with the game's main functions

Familiarize yourself with the game 

Before you start playing Plinko, familiarize yourself with its rules, paytable and special features. The game's mechanics, which symbols pay the most and how to activate bonuses like free spins are all familiar to you at this stage.

Make the most of free spins 

An excellent opportunity to win without risking your own money is offered by free tours. Pay close attention to the prerequisites needed to start free Plinko tours and try to meet them as often as possible. Your chances of receiving more rewards without making more investments will increase accordingly.

Make strategic use of automatic mode 

The automatic option allows you to automate your trips, save time and keep a steady pace. Use this feature to your advantage, but be cautious about its potential drawbacks. When using the automatic option, keep a close eye on your bankroll, because if it's not used correctly, it could lead to faster losses.

Choose the right level of risk 

Different levels of risk that Plinko can offer can affect the volatility of the game. Those who play on high-risk slots may receive larger payouts less frequently, while those who play on low-risk machines will receive smaller payouts more frequently. Select the level of risk that best suits your gaming preferences and money management strategy.

Set a budget and manage your money 

Spend your money wisely. Divide your expenses into smaller amounts to increase your playing time and your chances of finding a winning combination. Stick to your budget and avoid extravagant purchases.

Join a gaming community

Joining a casino community means you won't miss out on any good deals. In addition to keeping abreast of all the latest casino news, you'll benefit from tips and advice from other players on the platform. By joining a community or similar group, you guarantee 40% of your profitability in terms of earnings.